Lynne Cohen oboe

Lynne Cohen is a freelance oboist and teacher with vast experience in the Orchestral sphere and on Broadway. She has performed with most of the Tri-State area professional ensembles and has been a steady member of the Broadway pits for 25 years, holding 11 shows of her own and subbing on dozens of others. Before arriving in the region, Ms. Cohen was Principal Oboe in the Palm Beach Symphony, Opera and Ballet, Second Oboe and Solo English Horn of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Florida, Greater Miami Opera and Miami City Ballet.

Her private oboe studio has produced students who have populated sections in the finest Youth Ensembles, All-State, Juilliard and Manhattan Pre-College programs and Music Conservatories. Decades of teaching experience at the Middle, High School and University level has provided Ms. Cohen with a teaching method and philosophy which comes at learning from a broad view, incorporating myriad aspects of musicianship beyond instrumental mastery. She is on the Faculty of Kean and Drew Universities, and has taught at Rowan University, Florida International University, New World School for the Arts and the Blonay Institute in Switzerland.

Ms. Cohen is especially interested in illuminating and sharing her pedagogical knowledge, gleaned from long inspection of the teaching/learning process. Especially beneficial to teachers and to students who need a broad approach incorporating music theory, she is eager to be able to synthesize a lifetime of observation and work in this field.

Oboe/Pedagogy/Music Theory

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