The River Guide Experience

I think it’s fair to say that without Steve Girardi I would probably not be playing guitar today. He gave me the confidence and skills I needed as a guitar player to take the craft seriously and succeed. I’m asked a lot where my “sound” or style comes from and  I can say with 100% certainty that it came from Steve. I treasure the maestro, his friendship and everything he has done for me.


In just the two years I took guitar lessons with Steve, I not only advanced my guitar playing skills exponentially, but I gained a great mentor and friend. In fact, some of my favorite memories are going to see Steve perform with his band and alongside the great Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle (who happens to be a former student). Steve has a unique way of teaching in that he gives you the tools to learn what you want to play so that you can manifest your playing to be unique to yourself, rather than a clone of someone else. I cannot speak more highly on my experience with Steve since he has taken me to a level of guitar playing that I would have never thought I could reach when I first picked up the guitar.

Billy Pyhel

(Guitarist/Recess Radio)

My life changed forever when I started taking guitar lessons from Steve Girardi. He showed me what it meant to be a true musician while also sticking to the roots of why we all do it; to have fun. In every step of my journey I can reflect and thank Steve for giving me the tools to be an open, creative and original artist. If Steve had not showed me the importance of feeling notes and scales as colors I am confident I would not be the guitarist I am today.

Jack Kimber

(Guitarist/Vox/Songwriter for North Morlan)

“Steve’s instruction has given me a strong foundation of fundamental & improvisational skills, and has advanced my playing much faster than I could have anticipated. I leave every lesson feeling fulfilled and inspired.”

Chris Bronzino

(Guitarist/ Double You)

My experience with River Guide Music instruction has not only fostered my technical skills, but it has allowed me to discover my own artistry and sense of self-expression through music. Steve and his faculty offer a personalized approach to teaching that ensures each student reaches their unique version of success. My work with Steve Girardi has been a profound journey toward developing my musical identity.

Lindsey Altongy