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Steve Girardi guitar

Mike Richmond bass

Mark Graham drums

Bob Ferguson flugelhorn


An eclectic jazz, world music quartet featuring the compositions of guitarist Steve Girardi, with Grammy Award winning bassist Mike Richmond, drummer Mark Graham and flugelhornist Bob Ferguson.

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Within Inside

Blue Sky With Tears

Steve Girardi Live

Steve Girardi

A man playing drums in front of a yellow wall.

Mark Graham

Bob Ferguson Live

Bob Ferguson

“From the first note, Steve Girardi’s music possesses an
Introspective feel that puts the listener in a mood to hear more and more and more.”

Jeff Cummins

The News Record

Steve Girardi is a musician who would normally be described as a "jazz guitarist" but he's a lot more than that. I've caught Steve live several times and always been not just impressed but delighted. The mesmerizing sounds he produces with his band mates not only seduce you into the world of his musicianship but somehow have the impact of something extremely intense and yet delightfully subtle at the same time.

Michael Lally


Guitarist /composer Steve Girardi has been performing his original music in the New York metropolitan area for over three decades. His current group “The River Guides” features a stellar lineup of longtime bandmates Grammy Award winning bassist Mike Richmond and drummer Mark Graham. The recent addition of virtuoso flugelhornist Bob Ferguson balances out an exceptional jazz, world music quartet with nuance, inspiration and passion.


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