Herb Moore guitar

Guitarist/Author /Instructor from South Jersey. I teach all levels and most styles but specialize in Jazz improvisation. My approach is unique to each student.
Driven by my desire to one day play like Chet Atkins I began serious studies on the guitar with local legends Frank Marone and Jim Zaleski; delving into a myriad of styles ranging from Classical to Blues, Rock and Jazz.
At age 17, I was hired to teach at M&M Music in Vineland, NJ, where I met Steve Girardi who became a tremendous friend and colleague. It was Steve who suggested I study with Bill Walton and eventually Dennis Sandole in Philadelphia. Dennis was my River Guide.

Private lessons since 1975

Author of Axis Correlation: A Guide To Tonal Colors
Jazz Studies: Lyrical Devices, Dorian Blues Concept, Chord/Melody Soloing, Chromaticism, Extended Arpeggios, Rhythm Studies, Chord Substitution, Exotic Scales, etc.

Various solo and ensemble gigs since 1979
Session guitarist for 15 years
Pit musician for many regional shows


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