A Nonconventional Approach to Music Education

River Guide Music is the brainchild of founder Steve Girardi, who after 40 years of professional teaching and performance experience decided to offer his ideas, insights and expertise about the development of a successful musician to a much broader audience. The basic idea was to gather together some of the most amazing professional performing musicians that also were exceptional teachers.

The quality and combination of an exceptional performer and teacher is very rare. In fact, a vast majority of people have a huge misconception that just because someone has a professional skill level to be proficient and masterful on their instrument that automatically translates into them being a great teacher. It’s simply not true! Any competent instructor can teach you the basics but what if you needed more to complete your journey? What if you’re looking for guidance and insights beyond the traditional pedagogy to help you develop your true musical identity?

River Guide Music is offering a non-conventional approach to music education. That non-conventional approach is based on the lineage that RGM currently touts four faculty members that are former students of jazz education legend Maestro Dennis Sandole. Utilizing the Sandole method means that we can offer advanced music instruction to those students desiring that comprehensive approach. In fact, many of the RGM faculty members have experience and background in the Sandole Method.

River Guide Music Instruction is a new innovative approach to sharing musical knowledge and expertise to help guide and develop one’s skill regardless of their current level of proficiency.

River Guide Music offers 3 different levels of instruction:



Traditional music instruction beginner to intermediate levels.


Aspiring Professional

Advanced level instruction for those training to become professional musicians.



Those looking for expertise beyond traditional musical pedagogy to help further their careers.

Currently we are offering mostly virtual instruction but have recently begun to offer one on one in person instruction as an option.